The Dark Secret of Forex Trading 2023

   Dark Secret of Forex Trading is the main Post of this Fuel Forex blog. You can learn many Forex Trading Facts on this. The reason to write this topic is we need to find good traders who never blow their accounts. We could not find any trader who had not lost their first trading account yet in the last ten years.

Small retail traders are searching for “top secrets on how to trade boom and crash” secrets of successful Forex traders, Forex secret strategies, or Top Forex secrets to increasing their profits after losing a few trading accounts. f you study this Dark secret of Forex trading posts well, You can learn the Deep and hidden secrets of Forex trading, which many retail sellers don’t

We do not trade stocks personally. The e is not the dark secrets of the stock market. Here we are going to talk about currency trading secrets only. Let s learn and get our tips for trade forex secrets revealed. Some of these are deep secrets of forex trading. So you must understand what awe is going to expand here clearly.

Dark Secret of Forex Trading

More than 95% of Small Retail Traders Get to Wipe Their Accounts in the Long Run.

Only 5% of traders can get a profit. All short, medium and long-term traders can win. W at is the Dark secret of Forex trading they do not tell you?

This is the real reason to find the terrible truth of Currency exchange trading. We will try to explain forex trading from another angle. Then you can learn and understand this concept and process quickly.

  • Are the Strategies failed?
  • Is accuracy low? 
  • Are indicators working well or not?

Introduction to Dark Secret of Forex Trading

    This leading Guide is only for those traders who are Beginners or losing experienced traders. Why do 95% of retail traders lose their money on the Forex market? Any top Forex secrets here to learn?

We think you can get the answers to all these questions through this Post. We will try to do our best here. In our Dark secret of forex trading topic, we need to expand the Main concept of forex trading.

By ending the dark secret of forex trading, you will be able to know how to earn forex trading as any trader. You can also understand the main secret behind forex trading and get “Forex secret techniques”. We are trying to expand Best Forex secrets most easily.

All scalper, day, swing, and position traders can make money with forex trading; only 5% of traders do it. Strategies can be different. But there should be a concept where all can earn consistent profit.

To get consistent profit, what should they be doing? They do not trade everywhere. They need common reasons to get entries like they should Identify the Real trend.

Money is not the most important thing. If you can trade like a good trader you have many ways to get or increase the Capital to start or continue trading. It is another important and dark secret of forex trading.

Strategy is the most important thing for a successful trading career. You must make a trading strategy using all the familiar things and techniques which every profitable trader uses to trade. Your trading strategy or technique must be made to understand the secret behind forex trading.

So Let’s read all-important tips and the “dark secret of forex trading” to get more information about the forex market and the most important things you must include in your trading strategy.

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Forex Secret Definition for Retail Traders.

What is Forex Trading?

As I mentioned earlier, Forex trading is the playground of the big players. Small traders only can follow institutional traders to collect some profit. Read my Beginner Guide to Forex Trading post to learn more about this topic. I had expanded all about the things there.

Before diving deep into the forex sea, You need to know what is going on in the Forex Market.

Mainly, we do buy and sell currencies. A trader comes to the market and exchanges the money to get a profit. Currency trading is t e easiest and riskiest way to make money online.

Secret Forex Tips on How Forex Works

Forex trading works from different angles. This is another Deep secret of forex trading. That is why it is too hard to understand the market price behavior. We do try to get profit from the market with the supply and demand concept.

For example,

The United States needs 2000+ Crude oil Barrels for a month. And they need to buy oil from Canada. The united states cannot purchase the oils, paying in united states Dollars, So the US has to convert their United States Dollars into Canadian Dollars.

 With this demand and supply, the Canadian currency is getting Strong. In this case, we can understand. The Canadian Dollar Currency is going Strong against the United States Currency. This is t e reason why Fundamental Analysis is important for all Traders.

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90% of traders lose money... So how to be in the top 10%?

Is Forex Trading Profitable? 

   Absolutely Yes. But you have to trade like a sniper. You need to trade using a killer trading strategy including proper risk management if you need to get profit from the currency exchange trading.

There are not any forex secret trading techniques if you understood the main concept clearly.

Why is Forex Best for more than Stock Trading?

On the Stock market, you can get a profit, that time, the stock goes upside. But on the Forex Market, you can benefit wherever the market is going. It is not a matter market going up or down. You need to see and monitor where the market is going.

Who are the Big Players in the Forex market?

Big guys drive the market price. They do buy and sell currencies in different situations. Here are some examples of big players.

  • Central Banks
  • Interbank Market Makers
  • Forex Brokers
  • Financial Institutions
  • Hedge Funds
  • Multinational Corporations
  • High Net Worth Individuals

There are two main groups available that we can analyze trading.

Dark Secret of Forex Trading
  • Non-Commercial traders
  • Commercial traders

Non-commercial traders were making the primary trend. Commercial traders play in the market when Non-commercials traders don’t. Commercial traders do retrace the primary trend to get profit out.

The Forex Market: Who Trades Currency And Why?  How can I Compete with the Big Banks?

From the Sentiment Analysis, using the Cot Report post, you can get more information about these two significant Traders.

Institutional Trading Secrets of Forex?

Big Player's secret of Forex? Dark Secret of Forex Trading

The Institutional Forex players do Analysis Fundamentals and technical to get an entry to trade. Also, they manipulate the market. Manipulating one of the market makers is another dark secret of forex trading.

For example, 

  If the USA gives a higher interest rate and their inflation is low, the bond yield and stocks get healthy, and then the big players are trying to invest in the USA. But they are just not enough reason to buy the price. They need the best value for the market price.

  In analyzing the Fundamentals of Forex, the market players try to find the best currency that gives them a good idea to get easy profit with low risk.

FX Secret tips for Beginners.

If you asked me, How can I understand forex trading as a beginner? then, the most straightforward answer is The war between commercial Traders and Non-Commercial Traders.

 When I started my Trading training, I thought this was a simple game that could make money, watching the computer monitor. But I failed. Then I need to dive deep into the Forex sea.    

Why did I say forex trading is the war between Commercial and non-commercial traders? You can learn more about that topic on the cot report under the Sentiment Analysis post. I will write another post about the big Players in Forex Market.

As a small trader, you should always follow the trend. Try to be a swing trader. Day trading and scalping are not suitable for fresh traders.

First Learn. Then remove "L" to earn.

What are we doing? | Forex Trading Secrets for Behave.

What are the Conditions that should do Trade Forex?

You must have a clear understanding of what you do. This Dark Secret of forex Trading post helps you a much to know how you should behave in the market. We do Purchase any currency unit in proportion to what another group is doing when we trade on the foreign exchange. Is it clear?

For example,    

Buying the EUR/USD means, buying Euro currency against the United States Doler. EUR/USD Selling means, we bought the United States Dollar against EURO.

This is not the Dark secret of forex trading. But this is another important concept which you must understand well.

     We are doing this to “buy some currency for a low price, and sell it at a high price” to get a Profit. So now you know how we need to behave as retail traders who follow the big player’s trends in the Forex market.

All retail traders are doing the same thing. Buy something for a low price and sell it for a high price to get a Profit

What are the Conditions that should do Trade Forex?

  Think about your Supermarket seller. What are the conditions that supermarket sellers should be focusing on before buying, to sell something?

  • There should be a Demand.
  • Can get to a low Price.

Things like that.

So. As retail traders, w at do we need to see before buying currencies? Does that mean what we need to focus on when getting a new entry point for a trade?

Some traders use technical indicators, levels, and lines to get entry into their trade. Are all those Profitable methods?

Yes, it is profitable. But not every time. The Dark Secret of f rex trading is not placing trade everywhere like a gambler. When we trade, we need d to focus on what big Players do. 

Just Follow Institutional traders

I think you know about four types of traders in the Forex market. It s not matter whether r you are a Scalper, inter-day trader, Swing trader, or Position trader. Any Traders can make money using forex trading if they are disciplined traders.

What Small traders Should Do in the Forex Market?

My suggestion is we need to Follow the market players. That means non-Commercial Traders.

What We Should Do in the Forex Market?

    We need to do a Fundamental Analysis to understand what market players are thinking. On Cot report will t ll you if the big players behave with fundamentals or not.

You have to do sentiment analysis to look at them. Also, the price chart will show you about moving the price for those reasons. Finally, after doing the Technical Analysis, You also can get a perfect entry point to your Trade.

Dark Secret of Forex Trading Successful Journey

Secrets of Successful Forex Trading.

       I was starting to learn everything about the Forex market. If every four types of retail traders can earn money (short-term, medium-term, and longer-term traders), why are 95% of traders losing? There is a secret. So what is the secret?

Many traders are thinking about buying and selling currencies by analyzing Fundamental Technical and Sentiment, is Forex Trading. 

Yes, but you need to add something to that thought. Before you earn money, you need to think about how you can save your Capital.

  So that’s why I create a Trading Strategy to Find the Big Player trend and Avoid the Non-Commercials using a tight and sharp Stop loss.  

Biggest Secret tips in Forex for Beginners

Biggest Secret tips in Forex for Beginners

   Every good trader needs to focus all on things correctly before we get into the trade. That means we need t use a few primary weapons to find our target. So here are those. I suggest that your trading strategy be fulfilled with these steps to become a Successful trader in the forex market.  

  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Sentimental Analysis
  • Technical Analysis
  • Money Management
  • Risk Management.

   You should remember this. As a small trader, y u need to Looks the Major trends that market Makers (Non-Commercial traders) make the trade. Also, we need to avo d a deal that Market Player’s (Commercial Trader’s) retracement.     

If the cardinal direction going to change with the sentiment, and then if you can get sentiment-friendly technical entry, you can avoid many losing trades.

What do you think? This is Hard to do.  

Don't overcomplicate your trading. Keep it simple.

Secrets of successful forex traders.

We are not talking about big players here. Every small trader uses some techniques to become successful in Forex.

  • Having a good strategy
  • Track every trade
  • Patient is key
  • Control emotion
  • Enter at the right point
  • Do not close too early
  • Use a good risk-reward ratio
  • Just collect pips
  • exit at the right time

If you need to be a good trader, then you have to follow all these techniques. Try to make a good trading strategy by following our best steps.

A trading journal is the best way to become a disciplined trader. Track your every trade using a trading journal. You can use an Excel sheet, notebook, or anything similar for a table chart.

After analyzing the market completely, you have to wait for a reasonable price level to get your new entry point. You have to be patient if you need the best price.

In our Fuel Forex Trading Strategy, we use the Death zone in currency to get a Trading Position. The death zone is the best Zone where market players get into the trade.

Many traders lose their emotions after losing a few trades. They do try to change their game plan.

If your Strategy is good Why Don't you Belive it.

Earlier in this Post, we mentioned that market price moves with the supply and demand concept. You can use Support and resistance levels using Verticle lines and moving averages to understand the supply zones in Technical Analysis.

We advise our clients to take at least a 1:1.5 risk-reward ratio per trade. The accuracy of the trading strategy must be above 50%.

Another big mistake is closing too early. Small traders like t collect pips. But they close their trading position for a few pips. Never do that. Wait till the market price touches your exit point. We suggest you never close your trade without an acceptable reason.

If you closed your trade early, comment on the reason in the trading journal. It will help you to correct your mistakes as well.

Just collect pips. Not money. Small trades were trying to get quick profits from trading by using the worst management techniques.

Forex Trading is not a Quick Rich Program.

It is not essential to win every trade. Do not find 100% acc rate Forex trading systems. Try to grow your account with consistent profit.

Dark Secret of forex trading PDF Free Download.

Now you can download this Dark secret of forex trading post as a PDF. Click the Download button to get your PDF.

Final Note of Dark Secret of Forex Trading.

Final Note of Dark Secret of Forex Trading.

Just Fundamental and technical is enough for small traders. Swing trading is the most straightforward trading technique for a beginner. Try to understand wh ch player trades on which swing using Sentiment Analysis.

So, let’s read all these things from upcoming blog posts. Stay alert with our blog.

The Comment Section is always open for you. Give me some feedback about this blog and Post. 

Send me your questions as a comment.

Thanks For Coming.

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