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How to Avoid Stop Loss Hunting Of The Market Makers 2023

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How to Avoid Stop Loss Hunting Of The Market Makers 2023

Market Players do wait for traders who trade against them. Market makers do expect and care about your weak Stop Loss placement and your soft Margin. So in this post, I am going to write all the things about Stop Loss in Forex Trading and How to avoid SL hunting. Read carefully and let me know your comment under the post.

A Proper Stop Loss Help you to Save Your Account form the Bad Trades and the crashes.

It does not matter that you are a Scalper, inter-day trader, swing trader, or position trader. You need to use Healthy Stop loss. You need to know, What, why, and how to use the stop loss.

Stop Loss is the best part of managing the risk of your Forex Trading account. You can learn How to avoid Stop Loss Hunting in this post. Here is the Stop Loss hunt avoiding strategy in forex. You can be a profitable trader if you learned all the stop-loss secrets in forex. Here are those.

How to avoid stop loss Hunting

Every Trader who trades in the forex market needs to place the stop loss for his/her every trade.

When you place your trades, stop loss helps you to save your capital. Also, Stop Loss is too helpful to manage your Margin. I already mentioned earlier in “The Dark Secret of Forex Trading” post how the market Makers behave in the forex market.

You must read that post. So you need to place your stop loss, avoiding the market maker’s secure zone.

How to Calculate the Stop Loss in Forex Trading?

The loss calculates by the pips. But some traders use Swing zones. Fibonacci zones to identify their zone clearly. After identifying those zone they count the pips to determine their risk. we can use many things to place Stop Loss in Forex Trading

Why Stop Loss is Important?

Some trades do not like to place the stop loss. They things, they can close their every trade to a profit. But you have to Think about this. Every time you cannot say that you are in the right way. Also, The market can Crash at any time.

When the crashing or of your illegal trade, The Stop loss helps you to save your trading capital.
  • Stop Loss definition | What is Stop Loss?
  • Why Stop Loss is important.
  • Do broker hunts stop loss?
  • How do Market makers hunt the stop loss?
  • Can I Avoid the Stop loss?
  • Stop Loss placing Techniques.
  • Place stop loss using pips.
  • Stop Loss using the trading zone.
  • Stop-loss using swing points.
  • Stop Loss hunt avoiding Strategy.
When you make your Trading Strategy, you need to identify a Good Risk-Reward Ratio. Also, need to backtest and find out, how accurate your strategy is? 

You can learn more about it from this video on how to stop hunting works in forex trading.

Stop Loss definition | What is Stop Loss?

The stop loss helps you to protect your money while trading in the forex market. It does not matter if you are a scalper, day trader, swing, or even a position trader You must place the stop loss.

No one can predict the market with 100% accuracy. Even if they analyzed the market using all technical, fundamentals, and sentiment. You must use a sharp stop loss.   

Do broker hunts stop loss?

Some Forex mentors say the brokers do not hunt your stop loss. But we do say brokers and institutions both hunt the stop losses.
Brokers do hunt your stop loss using the spread. It is a big story.

Why Stop Loss is Important when Placing new Trades?

The main reason for the importance of stop-loss was mentioned in my how to place the trading post. You have learned about the macroeconomic data in my fundamental analysis post.   
No one can say when the next tsunami is coming. No one can say there is not coming to any virus in the future.   
Even if your prediction is not correct, the Stop loss will help you to protect your capital.

If your strategy can find the best place for getting entry to the Trade, then you can Profit. If not, your risked money will be lost.

So Do Not Put all your money into a single trade.

How do Market makers hunt the stop loss?

How Market makers hunt the stop loss?

  I will explain this using an example. We can all see a resistance level in this 4h time frame.     

Stop Loss hunt strategy in Forex

  As usual, Everyone looking for selling opportunities in this area.   Day traders and scalpers do use the 15 minutes time frame to get their entry to trade.  

Stop Loss hunt avoiding strategy in Forex

    You can see there are many entry points to sell here too. But, finally, they all stopped their sell trades. This is how the market makers hunt the stop loss of small traders.

Stop Loss hunt avoiding strategy in Forex

Market players do monitor the stop-loss limits of small traders using their big Trading platforms.

Institutional traders need common zones to hunt stop loss. They wait for it. This is how market makers hunt the Stop Loss.

Do Brokers Hunt the Stop Loss?

    Many small Trader thinks Forex Brokers hunt the Stop Loss. It is real, and it is not valid. Why I am telling you this?  You know there are many brokers in this world. Some Brokers are True ECN. Some Are the White Lable Brokers.

I will Write another Blog Post About The Brokers. It is true that Market Maker brokers target the stop losses to lose you.   They do it using the Spread. Also, those guys can’t trigger your stop loss by placing the spike candles or any other fakeouts.

Can I Avoid Stop loss hunting forex?

  Yes. you can. You have to learn where the big players target to hunt the stop loss. Even if you stopped out, that happens only if you do trade for the opposite side. We should place the stop loss to close our trade without blowing the account.

After then we have more money in our trading account to place another trade.  

Techniques for Setting Stop Loss in forex.

Mainly we can see three types of stop-loss placing techniques. 

  • Stop Using Pips.
  • Stop Loss using trading zone.
  • Stop-loss using swing points.
Stop Loss placing Techniques

Place stop loss using pips.

Place stop loss using pips.

Most of the time day traders and scalpers do this thing. They do use stop-loss with the pips. It depends on their strategy. Some traders use 5 pips 10 pips or 50 pips for their trades.  

Stop Loss using the trading zone.

Stop Loss using the trading zone

  Many traders do use candlesticks patterns and chart patterns to trade. Some of them do place their stop losses above or below the candlesticks patterns and chart patterns.  

Stop-loss using swing points.

Stop-loss using swing points

Few amounts of traders do use this technique. They do place their stop loss above or below the swing position.

10 pips Stop Loss

Many traders like to use their stop loss for 10 pips. But the Bad truth is If you are a Scalper or Day trader, then just you can place your stop loss after 10 pips. Also, use it if your strategy is a perfect fit for it.

You can understand about 10 pips risking stop loss on how to affect your account size using the screenshot above.

Personally, I use the stop loss as 10 pips. But I do it If I get 20 pips to return as a minimum reward.

The Trailing Stop Loss

     Trailing Stop loss you can use whenever you want. If you need to start buying with 10 pips risking and if you use trailing stop loss as 10 pips then Stop loss moves automatically, and the market moves 10 pips to the upside.

Stop Loss Hunting Secrets.

Stop Loss Hunting Secrets

The biggest reason is the hunt to stop loss, which is support and resistance. Because more than 95% of traders trade with support and resistance zones.

Market makers’ (Commercial Traders) first job is collecting the small trade’s Low margin account and weak stop-loss zones. Then They Place their business against the primary Trend.

That means market Player’s Trend. Also, market makers have some restrictions. They cannot Trade everywhere, and they could not move the market, more than 20% of the initial Move (i mean as a Spike).

Stop Loss Hunt Trading Strategy | How to avoid Stop Loss Hunting

Stop Loss hunt avoiding Strategy

This is the best way that I do use to avoid the stop loss placement.

If I trade for a Sel side, I place my stop loss above or below the next swing point.

Every small trader must use Stop Loss if they need good accuracy for their trading strategy. Risk reward is important too. Beginner traders cannot get a few pips of stop loss from this technique.  

But, with experience, you can go for at least 20 pips according to their strategy.    

First of all, you need to know How market players and market makers behave in the forex market. Then you can easily understand how we need to place the stop loss. 

Final Note of Stop Loss Hunting.

Many traders who use common strategies, place their stop loss at the common area. So you need to place your stop loss away from the familiar zone. 

If there were many stop-loss placing techniques, you have to use your trading strategy‘s best stop-loss placement. It will help you to become a successful trader.

Think 1000 times before placing a trade, why I do take this trade, and trust your strategy? Read the “How to Enter a Trade” post that is related to this post.

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