#1 Fundamental Analysis Resources To Learn Trading

#1 Fundamental Analysis Resources To Learn Trading.

Now you learned all the things those fresh Forex Trader needs to know, what they must learn to become successful traders? This guide the “Resources to learn Fundamental Analysis in Forex Trading” will help you to learn all the things about Forex fundamental analysis.

There are many ways available on the internet to learn about the fundamental Analysis of Forex trading. You can learn to analyze the fundamentals from Books, Courses, YouTube videos, Signal providers, Mentors, and Forex trading blogs or websites. We are here to guide you. You never need to find any other resources to learn Forex fundamentals anymore.

Forex is a game of big players. We just can follow them to collect some pips to get profit out.

Learn Fundamental Analysis Free With Fuel Forex.

We provide the best informational Fuel to your Brain Vehicle to go for a successful Forex trading journey. Fuel Forex is another best Forex trading educational and service resources that you can get help to expand your experience.

Fundamental is just another factor only, which helps to understand the next move of market price movement. The badest thing is every movement of the market Is not based on the fundamentals.

It is too easy to Analyze the Fundamentals if you know how to use tools and the best resources. We can do fundamental Analysis with just two simple steps as a small trader.

  • Read the Monetary policy.
  • Combine monetary policy with Economic Calendar.

Read down to get more info because we must understand the Main concept.

Mainly, Forex Market Drives by the Big Players, Large banks, Financial institutions, and Large companies.

We must follow those Big Players to make money as small retail traders.

  • What is Fundamental Analysis in Forex Trading?
  • Why is Analysis of the Fundamentals Important?
  • How to Analysis the fundamentals of Forex?
  • Forex Fundamental Analysis Tools
  • What is the Best Forex fundamental analysis site?
  • How to analyze the Forex Fundamental News?
  • Where to find the Best Economic Calendar?
  • How to trade Forex when Fundamental News?
  • Is there an additional risk in news trading?
  • What is the last step in the Fundamental Analysis of Forex?
  • Fundamental Analysis Books.
  • Forex Fundamental Analysis Course.
  • Forex Fundamental News VS Technical Analysis.

We must do all three types of Analysis [Fundamental, Sentiment, Technical] if we need to become successful traders.

I have mentioned this thing in my earlier posts too.

If not, we have to go with 95% of Losing traders.

The biggest mistake does small traders place trades everywhere.

That is why many small retail traders getting lose their accounts.

As small traders, We need to follow the Big players, and We should only trade for their direction, for they do trade.

By doing the fundamental Analysis, We can get an idea about the overall economic strength or weakness and get an idea about the next step of the big players.

Best Resources to learn Fundamental Analysis in Forex Trading

I am not saying no one cannot get profit without doing all three types of Analysis.

But, To be a consistently profitable trader you must do at least combine two of these if you are really fresh to forex trading.

The Concept of Forex Fundamental Analysis.

Read this part carefully and practice the first of the things. I will explain here the concept of Forex Fundamental Analysis.

We need just three steps.

Main Concept Of The Fundamental Analysis.
  • Go to the Central bank site.
  • Read and understand the monetary policy.
  • Go to Economic Calendar and see how their promises are working.

You can learn more about central bank analysis in this post.

Forex Fundamental Analysis Tools.

Forex Fundamental Analysis Tools.

Monetary policy and the economic calendar are the best tools with which you can analyze the fundamentals. You can get more pieces of information using Economic news sites.

Using the monetary policy, You can get an overall idea about the current situation of the currency, Its current position, What it will do, and many things.

Using the Economic calendar, You can get the latest updates on economic events. It helps to know Will have a chance to move the market in your direction.

How To Get Summarized, Fundamental Data?

How To Get Summarized Fundamental Data?

You can see many sites that provide Pieces of information about the fundamental Analysis. You can get economic forecasts and many more pieces of information with or without paying money.

I cannot recommend any site to you. I suggest you follow monetary policy and economic calendar to analyze the fundamentals.

Samples for Fundamental analysis sites.

  • bloomberg.com
  • tradingeconomic.com
  • forexcrunch.com
  • dailyfx.com
  • fxlive.com
  • forexfactory.com
  • myfxbook.com

But, you can use these sites as beginners to get some experience.

How To Analyze The News For Forex Fundamental Analysis?

How To Analyze The News For Forex Fundamental Analysis?

Go to the central bank’s official website in the specific country owned by your targeted currency. Read the monetary policy and understand it by reading the latest report. The economic calendar shows every economic event of a particular Currency.

For example, If you are going to trade with USD Employment rate news, See the forecast and Previous numbers of the report. Then compare the latest results with previous forecasts. 

You can get more details from our New trading strategy.

How To Trade Forex When Fundamental News-Times?

How To Trade Forex When Fundamental News-Times?

If the Actual result is good than the forecast and the previous result, you can buy that currency. That is how we should use economic news for Fundamental Analysis in Forex.

How to trade Forex when Fundamental News-Times?

If the Actual result is worst than the forecast and the previous result, you do not have any good reason to buy that currency. In this case, I suggest you do not trade if the monetary policy says it was a natural cause.

What Is The Last Step In The Fundamental Analysis Of Forex?

What is the last step in the Fundamental Analysis of forex?

Understand the Current Situation and Predict the next Movement is The Final Step in the Fundamental Analysis in Forex.

Fundamental is not the only fact that can move the market. Every retail trader must wait and see whether big traders were there before getting into the trade.

Which is the best from Forex Fundamental VS Technical Analysis

Forex Fundamental Vs Technical Analysis | Which Is The Best?

“What is the best analysis method from the Fundamental and Technical” We suggest you never try to compare these analyses.

There is no clear answer to these questions.

  • Is Fundamental Analysis is best than technical?
  • Is Technical Analysis Best than the Fundamentals? 

To be a better retail trader, you must follow and do all three types of Analysis, including trader sentiment on COT data, fundamentals, and technical.

What Are The Best Fundamental Analysis Resources To Learn?

There are few primary resources available to learn the fundamental Analysis of Forex. If you can understand our concept, you don’t need to find any help to learn this topic.

We are here to give you all the information “fuel” to your brain “vehicle” for a successful Forex trading journey. That is why you are here at our Forex trading information and service center. Here are some resources where you can learn fundamental Analysis to improve your Forex trading skills.

  • Forex Trading Websites and blogs.
  • Fundamental Trading Books
  • Forex Fundamental Courses

Fundamental Analysis Books.

Fundamental Analysis Books.

Many mentors also sell Fundamental Analysis books and can find many Ebooks free of charge on the internet. Fundamental Analysis Books were also available to buy on the internet. You can use these sites to purchase your Fundamental Analysis Ebook.

The intelligent investor is another good book to read as a beginner. You can get it surfing on the sites that I mentioned above.

You can watch the summary of that book free of charge on YouTube too.

What is the best Forex Fundamental Analysis Course?

What is the best Forex Fundamental Analysis Course?

  You can find many courses where you can learn fundamental Analysis. I think the “Learn to trade Forex fundamental Analysis” course is the most popular course on the Udemy.com website.

The course Price is $89.99

Still, You can learn without spending any dollars using this blog. You can read many things about the fundamental Analysis in this post and How to analyze the central bank post

FAQ of Fundamental Analysis

What is Fundamental Analysis in Forex Trading?

What is Fundamental Analysis in Forex Trading?

Analyzing the Economic and non-economic factors of a specific country or region is the Fundamental Analysis.
Fundamental Analysis is the main thing that all big and small traders do before analyzing the technical charts. You can learn everything about the fundamental of Forex from our fuelforex.com blog.

Why Analysis of Fundamentals is essential when doing Forex?

Why analysis of the Fundamentals is important when doing forex?

Every Big player does need some good reasons to get their entry to a trade. The critical fundamental Analysis knows the overall economic and non-economic situation. So they do the Fundamental Analysis.
Fundamental Analysis helps small traders understand the Big players’ next step. That is why small traders must do research and why it is crucial.

Is there an additional risk when Fundamental news trading?

   The market is moving fast when the news-times. Sometimes Non-commercial traders buy the currency, and Sometimes they avoid trading. 
The trend is no longer there when the news-times, then the Commercial traders move the forex market against the news.
They hope to complete their profit-taking targets by doing these kinds of trading.
Every movement is happening only if the big players were there. So news trading is the riskiest job than trading when there are no news times.  

Where to find the Best Economic Calendar?

  Your search engines will show you can find some sites that provide the Economic calendar. I do use the Myfxbook economic calendar. Here are some places where you can see the economic calendar.  

Learn Advance Fundamental Analysis in Forex Facts as a Beginner post is over now. Let me know if I missed anything here.

The comment section is always open for you to any questions or reviews about this post.   Next, you have to read about the trader sentiment.  

Thanks for Reading.

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