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Does Technical Analysis Really Work on Forex in 2023?

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Does Technical Analysis Really Work in 2023?

Does Technical Analysis Really Work

Do many people think “Does technical analysis really work?” Lots of traders use technical analysis methods. But more than 90% of traders lost their money with technical. Technical Analysis is the most popular analysis type of traders, who trade in the Forex market. To do this job, we need to use a charting platform. Here to Learn Advanced Technical analysis in Forex trading.

If you need to answer to “Does Technical Analysis Work?” question, We have to say this. Nothing is perfect. Technical Analysis getting wrong much time. But not at all. Management is the Key to the success of a Forex trading journey. We have to follow Big players if we need to earn some dollars doing trading. Fundamental and trader sentiment will help you to understand the direction and technical techniques to confirm the trade.

What are the Three types of Analysis?

What are the Three types of Analysis?
What are the Three types of Analysis?

Fundamental Sentiment And Technical

    Every small retail trader should analyze the market using three methods. Fundamental, Sentiment, and Technical are those three types of analysis. You can learn Advanced Technical Analysis from this amazing post.    

Every small trader should use these three “Forex Trading Techniques” when they analyze the currency exchange market to trade.

“Fundamental Analysis Techniques” show the reasons to buy or sell currencies. Trader Sentiment using “COT Analysis techniques” breakdowns the information about the big player’s behavior, and finally technical analysis helps to confirm the trend and target levels.

What is Technical Analysis?

What is Technical Analysis?

Many Students ask me What is Technical Analysis. Here is the best answer. Getting an Idea using past data of price movement using the Price chart is the Technical Analysis. We must use significant places, patterns, and strengths or weaknesses to get a clear picture of our fresh trade using the Technicals.    

Why does technical analysis work and important?

Why is Technical Analysis important?

Analyzing the technicals we cannot get 100% accuracy for our prediction. We can get many benefits from the Technical Trading techniques for our trade. Using Learn Advanced Technical analysis we can get an idea to, 

  • Understand the power of price movement.
  • Confirm the Fundamental and Sentiment trend.
  • Find the Best place to get entry to the trade.
  • Find the Best place to get out of the trade.
  • Calculate the Risk and Capital

    Using Advanced Technical analysis, we check past price movements to predict or get an idea about the next movement. That is why Forex Technical analysis is important.

  With this experience, you can identify where you should enter to trade and where the exit. You can use these calculations to manage your capital and risk too.      

Which Trader Can use Forex Technical Analysis?

Which Trader Can use Technical Analysis?

  We all know about the four types of traders in forex.   

  • Scalper
  • Day Trader
  • Swing Trader
  • Position trader

Every retail trader can benefit from technical analysis. Even Big banks and large financial institutions that work on forex do use Advanced technical analysis techniques.    

Do Professional Forex traders do Technical Analysis?

Do Professional traders do Technical Analysis?

Do not need more explanation to this question. I have mentioned the answer to this. Every single person does use and should use Technical Analysis to trade Currencies online.

Why Should I Do Technical Analysis on Forex?

As a retail trader, you must follow the big players. That means the Non-commercial traders. If you understand their direction using fundamentals and sentiment, then you can confirm that using technical analysis. 

You can fix the lot sizes of your trade by analyzing the charts. This is another secret trick that smart traders use in Advanced Technical Analysis. But, this will work according to your trading strategy.          

Which chart is the best to analyze and trade?

This is what we do. We analyze the technicals, using Line and candlestick charts. The bar chart and candlesticks chart gives the same result. For us, the Line chart is best to draw support ad levels using market structure levels.

We do use candlesticks patterns to Place trades, Candlesticks patterns are best to take entries and exits too.

Forex Analysis Techniques.

 If you need forex analysis techniques for technical then you must try the most common patterns and levels while you trade. When doing technical analysis, we mainly targeting on,  

  • Candlesticks Patterns.
  • Support and Resistance
  • Chart patterns

    To trade forex using technicals, we must use some tools and indicators. Those tools can be found easily on the charting platform.   

How to Profit From Technical Analysis?

How to Profit From Technical Analysis?

    After confirming the trend using Fundamental and Trader sentiment, I use the Technical analysis to get entry to trade using the best point.

Support and resistance zones do help to find the best place. Candlesticks signals help to get entry. Chart patterns and support and resistance help to confirm the risk reward, Lot sizes, and target levels.

Trading only using Technical is based on practice and luck. This is the bad truth of technical analysis. If you need high accuracy for your trade you must combine at least trader sentiment, if you cannot do fundamental analysis.

You can get the best answer to the “Does technical analysis work” question if you followed these all Forex analysis techniques.

Best Tools To do Analysis of the Technicals.

Here are tools for technical forex analysis techniques. I use some popular tools and indicators to do technical analysis. I do use,  

  • Horizontal Lines tool
  • Trendline tool
  • Moving Averages
  • Stochastic Oscillator

  You can find many tools on your charting platform.    

Candlesticks of Forex Technical Chart.

The candlesticks are the most popular thing which most traders do use to trade.

Chart patterns.

The chart patterns do use to identify the entry and exit targets. we can use chart patterns to identify the behavior of the market.

Support and Resistance of Technical Analysis.

Support and resistance are the other important factors of technical analysis. we can identify the support and resistance levels using Horizontal lines, Moving averages, and trend line tools.

Determine the Trend using Advanced Technical analysis

    Most of the time the market is moving like a zigzag. To those identified moves we call the trend. We can use technical analysis to confirm the trend. We can see three types of trends.  

  • Uptrend
  • Downtrend 
  • Sideways trend.

    The market goes to the upside, then we called it an Up, Bull, or Bullish trend. 

The market price went to the downside, then we called it a Downtrend.

If the market is moving without showing a clear direction, something choppy, We called it a sideways trend.

The market is going in a trend marking the support and resistance levels. We can use a trendline and horizontal line tool to identify the trend of that zone.    

How to Enter a Trade using Technical analysis.

    We can do both buy and sell using the technical. You should remember this at any time after confirming the trend or market direction. You must buy at low and sell at high. You can read the How to enter a trade in Forex post to get advanced techniques using Fundamental and Trader Sentiments.      

Conditions of the Technical analysis to Buy.

  • The market price should touch a Support zone.
  • 4h and above candlesticks pattern for a trend continuation.
  • 1h or Lower chart patterns to confirm the entry point.
  • Fix the target for the next resistance zone.

Conditions for selling opportunities using the technical.

  • The market price should touch a resistance zone.
  • 4h and above candlesticks pattern for a trend continuation.
  • 1h or Lower chart patterns to confirm the entry point.
  • Fix the target for the next support zone.

Calculate the Risk using Technical Analysis.

Manage Capital using Technical Analysis.

 When you enter a trade, you must take a good reward for your risk. It means, If you have 50 pips for your stop loss, then your target should be at least 100 pips.

I had written a blog post on How to place the stop loss in Forex on this blog. Read it. That blog post will help you to extend the accuracy of your trading Strategy.

Using this method, you can choose the best trade for your success.  

Manage Capital using Technical Analysis.

manage the capital using technical analysis

As I mentioned above the market does move like a zig-zag. From the support to resistance or resistance to support, you can see some swings in small time frames. With your experience, you can manage the capital by using technical analysis to become a fast profitable trader. You can buy at every lower low till the market goes to the resistance. But, you have to manage the risk while managing the capital.       

How can I improve my Technical Analysis?

The only way to improve technical analysis skills is the experience. You have to see charts and find the best setups every time. We suggest you keep doing practice whenever you are free.

Technical Analysis video course.

  This is the best video that I could find for you from YouTube.

Best Forex Advanced Technical Analysis Books

Forex Technical analysis books are available in many places on the internet. You can get those with or without paying money. If you need to buy books, then you can go to, or you can find books from many freelancing sites like or

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If you need to find a Forex Trading Technical Analysis app, then You can find it on the Google Play store. Here we found a good and popular app called “Forex Technical Analysis” with more than 400+ reviews. You can use this app free of charge without paying any cent to anyone.

Advanced Forex Trading Technical Analysis Course to Buy.

You can buy Forex trading courses from many web platforms. Udemy is the most popular website which offers both free and paid courses. You can get the “Advanced Technical Analysis course” for just 13 Dollars in this promotion period.

This Course is another higher-rated course with more than 75 positive reviews. You can get 49 lectures with more than 7 houses of videos from this course.

Advanced Technical Analysis Strategy for Day Trading.

The trading channel is the most popular channel on YouTube for technical analysis. You can get many tips and tricks from there. See this video that shows the Simple Forex Day Trading Strategy.

The Final note for Does Technical Analysis Really Work.

    No one here to predict the market 100% because the macroeconomic situations coming suddenly. I explained this in my fundamental analysis post. By using Technical Analysis you can confirm the trend, entry, and exit points using support and resistance levels.

As a final Answer, Technical Analysis worked but it must meet the right condition.

We will update this post later with these topics

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