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#1 Best Forex Prop firm Pass and Management Service.

Forex Prop Firm Pass and Management Service

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We do work to pass prop firm challenges and verification for clients all around the world.

It is too hard to pass or manage prop firm challenges or Verification stages with any strategy. Prop firm EA techniques are too risky. That is why we have developed a Forex Day Trading Strategy to pass and achieve the prop firm’s targets.

Best Forex Prop Firm Sites

We started this job for FTMO on Fiverr prop firm trading a few years ago. We are the first team that offers proprietary trading firm hiring services.

Why do We do the Prop fir pass job here?

Many traders here cannot pass this challenge and Verification with their strategies. It is not the fault of the Strategy. We have a powerful day and Scalping combined strategy to make a good profit and easily achieve the prop firm’s targets.

Who can benefit from the passing prop firm account
  • The traders who cannot pass this challenge and verification.
  • New traders who need a long-term relationship.
  • New investors who looking for new business opportunities.
  • Investors who looking for Prop firm management.
How to get the service of prop firm management?

Contact me using any of these methods. You can get more information from the About Us or Contact Us pages.  

  • Telegram
  • Email
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Open an account or buy a challenge from the most popular and trusted prop firm. Then send us the account details that the prop firm team sends you by email. We need,

  • MT4 account number
  • Trader Password
  • Server ID.
  • Services Fee
Prop firm management fee

The Service Fee is only USD 200 per phase. For any size of Forex Funded Trading account.

Many traders provide this service for different prices. They hope to get a big amount to complete the challenge and verification process for a big fee. We do change the lot size according to the account size. The profit target is the same for every account as a percentage.

Demo Trading Fee


Build trust to get into the next level with Demo Trading Account Management

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Risk-Free Guarantee

Pass Prop Firm Phase


Get Into the Prop Firm passing. This price is Valid per Phase.

On-Time Delivery

93% Passing Guaranteed

Free Retry

Valuable Things are Expensive

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Prop Firm Pass Service

We have already passed more than 100+ prop firm challenge and verification stages for clients all around the world. We have worked on this Prop firm pass service including FTMO, The Funded Trader, and other prop firms.

Send us a message via telegram to ask for proof.

Fuel Forex Prop Firm Pass Service

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We are here to help you with many chat options. But, the telegram is the best and fastest way for your “Prop firm Pass service”.

If you looking for an “instant funding prop firm” or “No challenge prop firm” like BlueFx, The funded trader, then we can manage those accounts too. Visit our No Challenge Prop Firm Management Service page to get More info.