Best Way How to Predict Forex Charts with Right Trend 2023

No one can say what is the exact direction of the next movement in the currency trading chart. But there are a few main ways to understand where will be the next move of the market price. Will learn How to Predict Forex Charts from here.

Many traders do use Fundamental, Trader Sentiment, and Technical analysis to understand the power of a currency, commodity, Metal, or Cryptocurrency. Most technical traders use chart patterns and Levels. Some fundamental traders use inflation and economic growth. Sentiment traders use the calculation of institutional traders’ trading behavior using the COT data.

Big guys say,

The Trend is your Friend. so Follow the trend before it went ends.

Let’s Look at how to predict the forex charts using the trend of all analyzing techniques.

The Trend in Forex Trading What Why How To Use it?

Hello, Trend finders, this post is for you. Drink some water and read this post till the end. I am Going to give you the biggest real Trading tips which will you help to find the next movement of the forex or any other market.

You can get the best answer to your question by the end of this topic, How to Find, and Analysis the Trend in Forex Trading. And this is the Bad Truth About the Trend on Forex

In this post, you will learn about these topics.

  • What is the Trend in Forex Trading
  • Trend Trading Pros and Cons
  • Why Trend is important?
  • How to identify a trend in Forex
  • Nine Types of Trends on Forex.
  • How To Find the Trend using Fundamentals?
  • How To Find the trend using sentiment?
  • How to find the trend using Technical?
  • Understanding trend lines in Forex
  • How to use trend lines in Forex
  • How to draw trend lines in Forex trading
  • How to trade trend lines in Forex
  • Forex Trend Patterns
  • How to catch a trend in Forex
  • How to ride a trend in Forex
  • How to analyze trends in Forex
  • How to identify trend change in Forex
  • How to identify strong trends in Forex
  • How to know the end of a trend in Forex
  • How to identify trend reversal in Forex
  • Trend Trading Strategy for Forex Market
  • How to Be a Successful Forex Trader using the Trend?

What Is The Trend In Forex Trading?

 The Biggest Question that every new trader asks is, what is the trend? The most straightforward answer is the direction is the trend. It may be up, down, or sideways. The trend means what is the most popular side it markets running on.

Why The Trend is Important Trend in Forex Trading?

It does not matter if you are a Scalper, Inter Day Trader, Swing Trader, or Position Trader. If you have understood the real direction of the market then there are no chances to be greedy while doing trade.

But the important thing is the money and risk management. I have written about the Stop loss post. Read it too. It helps you to manage your risk and avoid the stop-loss hunting of the market players.

If you know, what is the real trend after using all fundamental sentiment and technical analysis?

How Can You Lose Your Money Anymore in Trading?

How many Trends in Forex Trading have Forex to Analysis?

I will ask a question from you. How many trends are in the Forex market? Many people will tell there are three types of a pattern here. On the Forex Trading Technical Chart, we can quickly identify the trend using a Single Moving average indicator. Here are the main three types of trends. It calls,

  • Up Trend.
  • Down Trend.
  • Sideways Trend.

We can break these three types of trends into another nine parts using the Fundamentals, Sentiment, and Technical. All these nine types of analysis are not crucial for every trader. But if you need to become a genius, then you have to learn about these pieces of stuff.

So here are those Nine types of trends.

  1. Fundamental Up Trend
  2. Fundamental Down Trend
  3. Fundamental Sideways Trend
  4. Sentiment Up Trend
  5. Sentiment Down Trend
  6. Sentiment Sideways Trend
  7. Technical Up Trend
  8. Technical Down Trend
  9. Technical Sideways Trend

Fundamental Trend in Forex trading.

I think you had to learn about Fundamental Analysis on this blog. If you need to see the Big Picture in the Forex market, then you need to think about the central Fundamental concept of your mind. This is a longer-term process.

That’s why I mentioned the experience in my Account Management explanation Post. Read this Story carefully.

Fundamental Down Trend in Forex Trading


With the Brexit deal and other economic weaknesses, The EUR currency had Moved Down. Because no one likes to buy a weak Currency as a Forex Trader.

    So at this time, we can understand the EUR fundamental is weak.

Fundamental Sideways Trend in Forex Trading

     So the European Government thinks to change its economic plan to grow its economy. They do some work to be healthy. When the Monetary policy meeting, they are told we are going to do this kind of change in their economy.
     If the speeches are Hawkish, then we can think the Fundamental trend of the EUR is now in a sideways direction. If the Speeches are Dovish, we can understand the weaker EUR economy is continuing.

Fundamental Up Trend in Forex Trading

       After the Hawkish speeches, other than their upcoming news event forecasts are, if reliable, we can understand the European economy is now in an uptrend.
      So the Big Traders will try to Buy. But as Small traders, we should not get in to buy trades with EUR currency without any Confirmation.

The Sentiment Trend in Forex Trading

The Sentiment Trend on Forex
    I think you had read the Sentiment analysis post in this blog. As a small Trader, you need to Do the Sentiment analysis. Simply, the sentiment analysis does to identifying Trader’s Behavior.

Downtrend of Sentiment.

Many traders currently not buying the euro currency. Try to understand what I am saying using the COT chart.

Cot 2Breport
     The Greenline shows the movement of large speculators. For the last three months, euro traders going down and down. That means they just oped sell trades using the Euro currency.

    So, we can understand with the sentiment tells us, the euro is the weak currency for now. As small traders, we do not need to buy the euro for now.

Sideways Sentiment Trend in Forex Trading.

    After the stronger or weaker trader’s behavior, if you saw some little stronger or weaker, to the opposite side. Trader mood, then you can think it was a Sideways Sentiment trend.
Sideways Sentiment Trend on Forex.
  The Canadian Dollar Trader’s sentiment is now on a sideways trend. You can see that in this image.

Sentiment Up Trend in Forex Trading

  Every Small Trader needs to buy a Currency with a Bullish Sentiment.
Sentiment Up Trend How to Find and Analysis the Trend on Forex
 In this image, you can see the United States Dollar Currency had moved upside firmly from the last year.

The Technical Trend in Forex Trading

The Technical Trend.
     The most popular trend is the Technical trend. This trend we can identify using the price chart and trend-finding indicators. Many traders like to use the Meta Trader 4 Platform. The moving average is the most popular Technical Trendspotting indicator. Also, we can understand the Trend using the Tools in the Trading Platforms.

Technical Up Trend in Forex Trading

On the Market price moves up, then we can think the market is now on an uptrend.
You can see in this image, the market price is going up. It is now on an uptrend.

Sideways Technical Trend in Forex Trading

     If the market price moved within a range, we call the market now at a Sideways Trend.
  You can see this Technical Price Chart shows us the market is now on a Sideways Trend. The moving averages also tell me that the market is now in a range.

Technical Down Trend in Forex Trading

    If the market price goes down, then the Tools and the moving averages tell us the market is now in a Down Trend.
How to Predict Forex Charts

How to Predict Forex Charts using Real Trend

  The market is fresh every day. The market price changes every time for economic or macroeconomic reasons.

The Fundamental event can show you a fake movement. One sentiment movement can give you a false signal. The Technical chart can show you phony moves by fake outs.

So, in My Vision, The Real Trend is not an Event or Day Performance.

How to Be a Successful Forex Trader using the Trend on Forex Trading?

Do Fundamental Analysis and understand the current Fundamental Trend. Then Do Sentiment analysis and identify the Current sentiment trend to confirm the big traders behave to support Fundamentals. Finally, Do the Technical Analysis and Confirm the Current Technical Trend.

Because the market players don’t care about just fundamentals. But, this is correct that fundamentals can drive the market.

Because big traders like hedge funds mostly like to buy currency with cardinal direction and with interest rates.

    If you can get the same view of Trends, analyzing Fundamental, Sentiment, and Technical, you can get a Perfect Entry for a Trade.

What is the Accurate Way to Predict a Forex chart?


We all know who Drives the Forex Market. So, in my vision, Fundamental is useful to identify the Big buyer’s Reasons. The sentiment is the Best to identify the Trend. Technical is best to Find the targets.

    In just that way You can be a Successful Forex Trader using the Trend.

Still, if you could not make a Trading Strategy, then you can buy my Fuel Forex Trading Strategy to start making money as soon as possible.

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