Profit-sharing Monthly Retirement Plan for 2022

Hello Investors. This message is for you. You can get information about the Best profit-sharing Monthly Retirement plan in Forex for 20201 from here. If you looking for a monthly return investment plan or Monthly income plan, this will be your best option.

Best profit-sharing Monthly Retirement plan in Forex
  • What is this Monthly Retirement Plan
  • How much should you invest?
  • What we do here?
  • Best low-risk investments for high and fixed returns.
  • Who can get benefits from this scheme plan?
  • profit-sharing formula.
  • Example of profit-sharing Percentage
  • Profit-sharing example.
  • profit-sharing bonus.
  • Increasing the investment Plan.

Profit-Sharing Plan Definition

What is this Monthly Retirement plan?

 Many investors here all around the world, who looking for new business ideas. They have money and they do not have any kind of knowledge about any businesses. So we offer a new business opportunity to our investors. It is a Profit-sharing plan. We also can mention it as a Monthly retirement plan.

We collect investments from $250 to share 100% of profit per month as your monthly retirement plan.  You can get your very first profit share from the 3rd month. Simply, it is a Return on investment program.

How Much Should You Invest for Retirement Plan?

The Investing amount starts from $250. You can go till $2000. You can use any kind of investment method that you can use for Profit sharing monthly.

What We do Here?

We collect funds to get a big forex account from the FTMO prop firm. One account per one investor. We do trade to pass the FTMO challenge and verification. It takes at least 45 days. Then we can get a big account from them. After getting the big account we will trade a month to get the profit out.  

Best profit-sharing Monthly Retirement plan in Forex for 2021

  From the third month, We can get share the Profit with you. This program can extend for a longer-term period.

FTMO Trial

you can clearly understand What we do here on this program by opening an FTMO trial account.

Go to the FTMO Prop firm website and Open an account by registering using your Google account. From there you can get a trial account with an account matrix link.

FTMO lot Size Calculator

Here is the calculator that you can use to find the best lot size for your new trade.

Calculating the position size is not easy without having a calculator. You have to change your position size according to your account balance, Risk Percentage, and pips amount that you are going to risk. Here is FTMO Lot Size Calculator to trade easily.

Enter your currency, account balance, risk percentage, and Stop Loss in pips. Or click to swap with money to calculate the lot size using fix amount of money in your capital. Choose your Currency pair and enter the current market price.

You can get a result with “how much money you are going to risk” for this trade The Position size that you should place with Lot sizes with Stranded, micro, and mini lots.

How Can You Send Us Your Investment?

You can find our contact details on the Contact us page. You have many alternative methods to contact us. we are available on,   Facebook. Email. Telegram Twitter. Reddit.   ,etc. and you can send your investment via

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Best profit-sharing Monthly Retirement plan 2021
Best profit-sharing Monthly Retirement plan 2021
Best profit-sharing Monthly Retirement plan 2021

Best low-risk Investments for High and Fixed Returns.

Best low-risk investments for high and fixed returns.

You can invest $250 to $2000 to get 100% per month. Your risk is too small. You can get a 100% of the higher reward for your investment.



Who Can Get Benefits From This Scheme Plan?

Who can get benefits from this scheme plan?

The main target is sharing profit with investors who looking for new business opportunities. Losing Forex Traders can monitor the accounts and, they can learn to trade too.

Forex Profit Share Formula by Percentage

Profit-sharing formula

Prop firm takes 20% to 30% as their profit split from all profit of the trading account. You can get your guaranteed and fixed 100%. The balance of any amount we will take in this project.   

Example of Forex Profit-sharing Plan.

  If we made $1000 for a month from your $500 investment.

  • Prop firm takes $300.
  • Your Profi share is $500.
  • Our profit share is $200.    

Profit-sharing Bonus for Monthly Investment.

Profit-sharing bonus.

You can get a 50% of bonus for your investment with your 1st profit split.   It means, if you invest $500, then your first profit will be $750. from next month you can get $500 for every month.    

Increasing the Investment of Profit Sharing plan.

  You can start at $250. If you think our plan is perfect then you can increase your investment until the $2000.

Profit-sharing Payout Rules.

  • 1st Payout after 3rd Month from your investment date.
  • Profit share withdrawal allows Paypal, Skrill, and Neteller.

         Contact us to get more information. We will respond to you soon as possible. It does not take more than 24H. Choose your Profit-sharing plan today.

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