Best Forex Economic News Trading Strategy 2021

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We think now you know about the Four types of traders in the currency exchange trading market. And you have understood that news traders are Scalpers. Scalpers do trade to get a few pips within a few minutes. The News Scalper gets into the Market when Big News comes up.  What is News Trading?   … Read more

Profitable Scalping 10 pips Forex Trading Strategy.

Proven Forex Scalping Techniques

   Hello, Friends. Welcome to my new blog post, 5 Min Scalper 10 pips Forex Trading Strategy. Also, I will send you the Super Trend indicator and DiverStoch indicator for Free. The scalping technique is the hardest and fastest way to make money in forex trading. It needs big self-confidence. We all know there are 4 … Read more

Best way to Analyze the central bank to trade Forex 2021.

If you do this job perfectly, you can understand everything about Analyze the central bank. Every Fundamental Trader who trades forex does this thing.   Main Guide of Analyze the central bank. What is the central bank? Examples of Central bank. Central Bank indicators. Employment Inflation Gross Domestic Product. Geopolitical Government changes. Central Bank tools. … Read more