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   Any small Traders like you and me, need to trade under a Broker. So, in this post, you can learn How to Open a Live Forex Account under ICMarkets.com True ECN Broker. ICMarkets is a Most Popular Forex Broker Based in Australia. Follow These Three Easy Steps to Open Forex Trading account now with Zero Spread ECN Broker.

Explain ECN Brokers.

We can see stocks can trade from a significant place. But Currency exchange market is different. It does not have any confirmed place as a head office or any located place. Currency trading is done in many places in different situations all around the world. It is called an interbank market to easy identification. We explained this topic in our earlier posts many times.

The interbank market is the largest liquidity provider all around the world. As Small traders, We don’t have access directly to this market. Retail traders can join this big market to trade by joining ECN and Market Maker brokers. As small traders, we all can trade to earn money with forex by using these brokers.

ECN is a complex Computer system that meets small buyers and sellers all around the world to trade currencies online. The ECN has access to both retail and interbank markets. So ECN account holders can find buyers and sellers to trade currencies without going for market maker brokers.

Forex Brokers.

We mentioned earlier how Forex brokers behave in the currency exchange market. Mainly we can see two types of brokers.

  • Market Maker Brokers
  • ECN Forex Brokers.

Both ECN and Market Maker Brokers earn money from Spread. You have to learn more about market execution and instant execution to get more info for this topic. ECN brokers help small traders to execute the trades immediately and It helps to grow the forex trading business too easily.

We publish posts in our blog for the small retail forex traders. So here to learn how to open a live forex trading account with an ECN Broker.

Open Live Forex Account Under True ECN Broker 2021

Go To ICMarkets.com Clicking Here.

Fill this form using your real details.    Choose your account type.   

How to Open Live Forex Account Under True ECN Broker 2019
  • Language
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Country
  • Phone Number 
Forex Trading Account Opening Form.

Click the Next Button to Go To the Second Step to Open Live Forex Account.  

Fill this as the next step. First Name Last Name Date of Birth Email Address City State/Province Postal / Zip Code Country Phone   

open a forex account in Australia

Click the Next Step Button       This is not the Most important details For me. But you have to Fill this part also.

Best Forex Account

Click the Next Step After filling the Second Step to Open Live Forex Account. Under step 3, you have to choose your account.  

  • Trading Platform
  • Account Base Currency
  • Account Type.
Zero Spread ECN Broker.

and Then click the Next Step again.

Forex EZ Trading

Put a tick to accept the Declaration and then click the Submit button Open Live Forex Account.

Then Recheck your all Details again.

Forex Easy Trading

Pass the Verification Setup To accept the Withdrawal.

upload your verification documents here.

Passport or Driving License as an ID Document Proof and upload any Bill that got for your name within three months.

Forex Easy Trading

After Verifying the Documents, The ICMarkets Team will send you a mail for your inbox.  

So then you can Trade Depositing the Real Money. 

I will update this post with these topics later. Stay tune with us.

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