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Best ways to Make Money With Forex Website 2023

Big Player's secret of Forex?

Best ways to Make Money With Forex Website 2023

Forex Trading is the way that you make money online with High risk for your investment. You have many ways to earn money with forex. Here is the way to earn with forex using the website.

Fuel Forex

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Forex Trading Service and learning center.

We have many ways to earn money online. Sometimes you have to invest money. Here are the best ways to earn money on forex without investments using your Forex website.

How to Build a Forex Website or Blog?

Making money with the Forex website is too easy if you go on the right path. Google blogger is the cheapest way to make your forex trading website or blog. Making a website is not hard. But it takes time and you have to invest more and more time.

You have to choose a username by using websites like It will be easy to increase your domain authority too. Then you have to go to the Domain name and hosting services. We made this Forex Trading website with WordPress. You can go to WordPress too if you think they are best.

If you need any help with How to Build a Forex Website then you can contact us at any time on telegram.

What Can You Promote on Your Website?

You need a service or product to make money with the forex website. There are two main ways to earn money with your Forex website. You can promote your Skills . or you can promote any other trader or service. Or promote any product that you can get a commission on.

make money with forex website

If you have Forex Website, it means you have good experience with forex trading. You can share your knowledge with this website to earn extra income.

No one is 100% perfect. So you can promote products or services that are not your own. You can get commissions from these products and services.

Is Forex a good way to make money?

Yes. Forex is a big industry. You have many ways to make money with forex.

Can Forex make you a millionaire?

Good Dream, You have to work hard If you can sacrifice your sleep too.

Is Forex Trading Profitable?

Forex Trading is profitable. But there is a lot to learn. Read our How to join forex trading post to learn more.

Is Forex a Bad idea for Beginners?

Everything is not a good idea for a beginner. We could not find any trader who did not lose their First forex trading account.

How do Forex Blogs make money?

There are two main ways available to make money.

  • Active income
  • Passive income

You can make it from the website as both active and passive income ways. Making money with the forex website is not too hard. We do use both active and passive income methods on forex to make money online.

1 Sell Forex Trading Course.

You can make a good Forex trading course including videos, infographics, and PDF files. This is the easiest way to make money with a forex website. Because forex course is the most popular search term on search engines these days.

WordPress offers some plugins to do this job more easily. Woo-commerce and custom payment gateway plugins are good to make this job easier. We do the Skrill payment plugin to make our transactions from this website.

This is the best way to earn extra money from your website using courses.

If you do not have your trading course, You can find websites and authors that offer forex trading courses. Here are some Websites where you can find online courses to promote.

Coursera offers up to 40% commissions according to the course. You can become an affiliate without paying any cent to them. Your clients should use your link to buy the course then Coursera will pay you 10% to 40% commission.

Udemy is another popular platform to get commissions from your course. They offer many discounts for their courses.

2 Sell Forex Ebook.

If you have your own forex Ebook, then you can sell it on your website. You can find some ebooks to sell as an affiliate too.

You can sell your own Forex Ebook on that sites too. Here are the most popular sites to partner with and sell affiliate products on your website.


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3 Promote a Forex trading app.

Many forex trading apps are in the Google play store and any app store. anyone can make an app without any coding skill today using app-making websites.

You can promote your Forex Trading app and make money with the forex website. This is the cheapest and fastest way to grow your client base. Or you can find some authors surfing on google to promote their Forex app on your Forex Trading Website.

Forex Trading Apps reviewing is a good topic to write articles for your Forex website too.

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4 Offer Forex Trading Signal Service.

Forex Trading Signal Service

You can make a forex trading signals service on your website if you are a good trader. But if you do not have any consistency, then it will affect badly on your website too.

You can use Facebook, Telegram, Whatsapp, or similar alternative methods to join your clients easily. Selling Forex Signals are another common way to make money with a forex website.

Fuel Forex Services

Here are the best services you can get from the fuel forex team.

Forex trading Fund Management Service

Forex Management

Best forex trading management services with specialized options.

Forex Trading Signal Service

Forex Signals

Get forex trading signals directly into your telegram inbox.


FX Mentor

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You can get our Forex trading signals service on Telegram. The monthly fee is $50. You can get more details on our Forex Trading signal page.

5 Forex Trading Management Service.

Try to make a good trading portfolio using an account tracker. Forex Factory and my fx book websites offer free tracking sources. You can build trust for your clients by tracking and publishing your trading skills.

Forex trading Fund Management Service

You can get our Forex Fund Managing service too. We offer a Monthly Retirement plan including 100% of profit shares monthly for our investors. This is another way we use to make money with the forex website

6 Monetize the website or blog with Ads.

Many bloggers and website owners trying to get approval for ads through Google Adsense. Because Adsense is the most popular ad platform in entire the world. Ad networks are a passive income way to make money with the forex website

If you have a good amount of visitors on your website or blog every month, you can get approval for ads easily on any ad network.

Not even AdSense, You can use many alternative sites surfing on the google search engine. Here are some alternative ad network sites that you can use without Adsense.

  • PropellerAds.
  • Amazon Native Shopping Ads.
  • Adversal.
  • Skimlinks.
  • Monumetric.
  • InfoLinks.
Big Player's secret of Forex?

ad networks are a few of them. Another way is placing banners from your affiliate sites. By clicking your banner links, your visitors can register as your referrals.

7 Offer to Publish guest posts related to forex.

Guest posts are good for increasing the ranking of your website. You can offer other website owners or writers to write for you. Otherwise, they can get backlinks from you. You can ask them for a fee for this service.

If you looking to make money with a forex website guest posting is a good way to increase traffic and make money with the forex website.

8 Promote Freelancing Gigs on Your Web Site.

If you already provide forex trading services on Freelancing sites, You can promote those services on your website as an alternative way to make money with a forex website. If not, you can ask freelancers to promote their services on your websites by paying you some dollars.

9 Promote and Get commissions with Forex Broker.

You can promote your Forex trading Broker to get a referral commission. This is the best and most related way to make money with the forex website as passive income. To do that, you have to place their banner ad. Or write some review posts about the forex broker including their affiliate links.

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10 Promote physical products that are related to forex.

Forex trading computers, trading desks, and accessories are related to forex. This is another good way to earn money with your forex trading website without actually placing trades for options to make money with the forex website.

11 Promote Forex Trading Tools and Software.

You can promote Forex trading software on your website. Forex Trading Calcucaltors and trading journals software are the most popular things these days.

Forex Lot Size Calculator example.

Calculating the position size is not easy without a calculator. You have to change your position size according to your account balance, Risk Percentage, and pips amount that you are going to risk. Here is FTMO Lot Size Calculator to trade easily.

Enter your currency, account balance, risk percentage, and Stop Loss in pips. Or click to swap with money to calculate the lot size using fix amount of money in your capital. Choose your Currency pair and enter the current market price.

You and your clients can get a result with “how much money you are going to risk” for this trade The Position size that you should place with Lot sizes with Stranded, micro, and mini lots.

If you have your tool or software it is easy to make money with a forex website by selling that tool or software.

12 Start Dropshipping on your Forex Website.

Dropshipping is another common way to make money with forex websites. Youtube is the best place to learn Dropshipping. Even if you haven’t any experience with it. the meaning of dropshipping is publishing a product that is not owned by you to another customer.

Affiliate marketing is related to Dropshipping. But it is not 100% the same.

Take it Here Send it There.

13 Promote YouTube Videos Related to Forex trading.

Many traders like to get trade ideas from youtube. Placing the video on the website helps to increase your CTR on your webpage. It is an additional benefit that you can get.

If you already have a YouTube account that monetizes with AdSense, It helps you grow your Adsense income. This method helps you to make money with the forex website and on YouTube both as passive income methods.

14 Sell Forex Trading Fashion Items.

Fresh forex traders do like to use fashion items that are related to Forex trading. You can sell T-shirts, caps, trousers, wristwatches, and other related Fashion items to forex.

If you have no fashion items to sell, you can get some items from Alibaba, Aliexpress, eBay, Amazon, or any similar sites that offer shipping items. This is a different way to make money with the forex website.

Visit Our Forex Trading Online Store

Choose and Shop Your Best Forex Trading Products on Our Selections.

Forex Trading Computers and Accessories

Forex Trading Fashion and Goods

Forex Trading Books

Forex Trading Courses

15 Copy Trading.

Blue fx trade, my fx book, and similar sites offer to copy trade. You can use the meta quote site to find your traders. You can invite those profitable traders to advertise on your Forex trading Website.

Read down these related topics too. this information will be helpful to learn more kinds of stuff.

Make Money with Forex for Free.

I had written some articles about these topics. You can get No deposit Bonus information on our Promotion section of the main menu. You had read many ways to earn money with Forex trading on this post.

Try to get a weekly no-deposit bonus from InstaForex for forum posting. You can use that money to trade both Forex and Binary.

Promoting this kind of affiliate thing on your blog will help you to make money with the forex website.

Trade for Free and Earn Real Money.

You can trade on Demo accounts for free to earn real money. Brokers Like XM, FBS, and Exness provide Forex Trading demo contests. A few years ago, Admiral Markets Forex broker offers a good contest. its name is Forexball Contest.

If you are a good trader you can make your demo account and submit it to Meta Quote, Forex Factory, or My fx book websites. you can offer a copy trading program for your viewers and subscribers to earn real money from Forex trading. You can get make money with the forex website by using your referrals.

Ways to Make Money like Forex.

Binary options and cryptocurrency trading are other popular ways to make money like forex trading. Some Forex brokers offer both binary and forex trading on their websites.

We do not recommend this broker. But, you can try the Hiroseuk forex and binary broker if you want. IQ Options is a binary trading broker that offers forex trading too on their trading platform.

Some Forex Brokers offer to trade popular cryptocurrencies on their trading platform. If you need one. the ICMarkets is the Best option for you. The spread and commissions are the way they use to make money with the forex website.

How to make money with forex trading for beginners.

First Learn then remove the “L” letter from the learn. Then you can start to earn.

You can read our all posts in the learning section in the main menu to learn about Forex Trading. We covered every topic from how to join forex trading to placing the First order in forex.

How to Make Money in Forex Fast.

We have a Fund management and Forex Trading mentor program specially designed for beginners and losing traders. You can get Forex trading signals to make money in forex trading fast if you are a losing trader.

By Getting Forex trading signals directly to your telegram inbox you can get more benefits from us. read our forex trading signal page to get more info. If you need to make money with the forex website you can contact us at any time.

How to Make Money in Forex Without Actually Trading

How to make money in forex without actually trading
  • Forex Broker
  • Affiliate Program
  • Forex trading consultant or mentor.
  • Blogger
  • Signal Provider

We will explain more about this topic in another post. Because these tips also help you to make money with the forex website.

How do you Promote Forex Trading products or Services?

How do you promote forex trading products or Service.

You can use many ways to promote Forex trading products and services online to make money with the forex website. Here are a few of them.

  • Website or Blog
  • Email
  • Social media
  • Google or alternative ads
  • YouTube or alternative video platforms.

You have to find people to promote your forex trading products or services. We do work on this Forex website as our main promotion method. We do not use Email marketing. But some of our clients do contact us by email.

Social media and forums like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Quora are other best solutions for your forex promotion needs. If you can use the same username for each place, then it is easy to find you everywhere.

You can use ad networks like Google AdSense to promote your forex trading products and services. This way takes some money. But this is a good way to bring your forex products to the audience with or without using a website or blog.

If you looking to promote your product, then Video platforms are the best for this job. You can use ‘YouTube’ as the biggest video platform in the world.

How to Make Money in Forex Fast.

You have to know Forex trading facts to start trading and making a blog. You can earn by trading this is the fast way to make money. If you can prove you are the best trader, then you can go for some investment options.

You can get big Forex trading accounts from prop firms like FTMO, Myforexfunds, Funding talent, etc. They provide big capital to trade. then you can make money in forex faster. They use their websites too to make money with the forex websites.

We offer a Prop firm passing service. You can get our service by visiting our Contact us page.

Final Note of How do Forex Blogs make money?

Now you have a good idea to make money with the forex website. You can earn without placing trades in the forex market by using these tips and techniques. If you need to make money with forex trading for free, then you can find the best ways from our Promotion category on this website.

Making money with forex trading placing without any trade is super easy if you have a good blog or website.

Free Learning Forex Trading Solutions

Learn to Trade Currencies From Fuel Forex.

Here is the Proven Learning guideline of Forex trading Step by Step, to make money online from the Currency Exchange Market to become from zero to hero.

Contact Us for any of your Forex trading services. Have a nice day.

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