General Facts of Forex Trading {Best Secrets 2021}

After blowing at least one trading account, many fresh Forex traders do find in google, What are the General facts of Forex trading. They need to know What is Forex and how does it work. This is our Very First Forex trading industry facts post, that you can learn fun and important information about Forex trading.

I know what are you think now. Why did I mention a word like fun Forex trading facts? Because many small traders trying to trade like big banks or financial institutions. If you think that Forex Trading is a quick rich program, Please Do not read any Forex trading blog post or article anymore and give up from here.

If you search for facts about forex trading, then You can learn only General Forex trading facts here. If you followed our complete blog tutorials list in Learn section and our trading guidelines, You will be able to become a Successful Forex Trader.

You have to learn everything about forex trading if you need to become a successful forex trader. We will expand many forex trading facts here.

History Fact of Forex | When started Forex?

The exchange of goods and services between foreign countries has taken place since ancient times. that means In the past, the common denominator was gold. When you were a kid while listening to stories or watching dramas like “Robin Hood” you might have seen or heard of gold coins being given for any product or service. Thus we can explain that gold was used as the medium of exchange.

Facts about Foreign Exchange.

Gold mines did not exist in every country. Changes in value occur during the period of receipt and non-receipt of gold from mines. This change was a factor in the problems with the use of gold as a medium of exchange. With the introduction of currency, the problems with the use of gold began to diminish.

By the 1970s, the use of money began. Every country does not use the same currency unit. This is the main reason for starting foreign currency exchange trading. In this case, when purchasing a good or service in one country, the currency of the country of request is purchased by the currency of the other. This is how Forex Trading started.

Fun Facts of Forex Trading.

The value of the currency of any country fluctuates due to economic or social conditions. Buying at a lower value and selling at a higher level is what we do in foreign exchange trading.

Being able to make money from price fluctuations in another country is a Fun fact in foreign exchange. Another irony is that we do not have to travel to any country to make money this way. We can make money from Forex trading by staying anywhere using a computer, mobile phone, or tablet with an internet connection.

The Funniest Forex fact is 95% of losing traders only do buy and sell only on the Forex market. Many small traders do follow the same method that big players do while trading. Unfortunately, we did the same thing 4 years ago.

Forex market Daily Turnover 2021.

Forex Trading is the largest financial market on the planet. Before 8 years, The turnover of the Forex market is near 5 trillion per day. Now it increased to over 6 trillion.

Fuel Forex family starts with 4 members. Now we have 12 members in our signal, mentor, trading, Management, and Blogging group.

From the 2018 to 2020 period we have covered our all losses in Forex trading.

Our Forex Success Stories.

We are the worst team who failed on Forex trading 4 years ago. We had lost thousands of dollars in 4 years trading periods before 2017.

Then we learned the biggest secret of trading as small traders. We decide to follow the big player’s trend. But before its end. We start to analyze the trader sentiment using the COT data to identify the Market maker’s direction. and We found the Best way to place the stop loss to our trades.

Every fresh trader here needs to learn many things if he needs to become a successful trader. From here we are going to explain what should a Beginner need to know about Forex Trading.

Powerful Forex Facts For Beginners.

Here are those powerful forex facts in detail. we think you have at least a 50% profitable trading strategy. You take at least 1% risk for a 1% reward. If you follow only these two rules you can be a constantly profitable trader.

Following the trend, you can get good rewards and accuracy for your trading career. This is why trend facts of forex are profitable.

Many losing traders are predictable traders. If you are a really good trader, you must be a reputable trader. You must trade after confirming the direction. Do not think the market will change the direction here or there.

Here is another powerful forex fact. Forex trading is a good meditation. It can change you into a disciplined person. Because Discipline makes a successful forex trader.

Facts about Foreign Exchange Trading for Fresh Trades.

Forex Trading is a Big Player’s game. Market price behavior is handled by those big guys. We are just small traders who need to follow the Big banks. Here are the major players of the Forex market.

  • Inter bank Market Makers
  • Electronic Forex brokers
  • Financial institutions
  • hedge funds
  • Multinational corporations
  • Forex Billionaires.

Big players need proper reasons to buy a currency. That is why they do analysis the Fundamental and technical.

Learn Forex Trading Step by Step.

Facts for Learn Forex Trading Step by Step

Start from the Zero. In this blog post, you can learn the main things you should follow to become a successful trader are. Mainly, you have to learn,

  • What is Forex?
  • Who trade Forex?
  • Important facts to follow in Forex?
  • How can you earn money using Forex?

Here is the trading guideline that we made for our clients.

Learning Guideline How to Join Forex Trading

What is Forex Trading.

What is Forex Trading

Forex is the Easiest and Riskiest way to make money online. If you can learn it well, then you can earn any amount you want. But you have to invest some money to start. That investment is the Risk here.

Here is a video to explain more about what is Forex.

Watch this video to understand Forex Trading. Then read down for more facts about Forex trading.

We expand the truth about forex trading which every small trader needs to know on our Dark secret of forex trading post.

Important Forex Industry facts to follow?

Important Forex Industry facts to follow?

FundamentalTrader sentimentTechnicalMoney management, and risk management are the important things you need to follow to become a successful trader.  

While you learn, you have to do the demo trading too. Demo trading is the best method that you can help to make your own trading strategy.

Successful Forex trading strategies.

There are thousands of Forex Trading Strategies available for every trader who trying to earn money online with currency exchange. The truth is every successful small trading strategy is based on the same concept.

It is not a matter the small trader is a Scalper, day trader, swing trader, or position trader. The main concept of their strategies is the same.

Most successful trading strategies are based on Big player’s trends. That means trend trading strategies.

You can join our mentorship program by contacting us to make your own successful Forex trading Strategy.

How can you earn money | The Best way to trade Forex profitably

How can you earn money and the Best way to trade forex profitably

Every small trader should follow the big players if they really need to become successful Forex traders. Those small traders should make a trading strategy including our best checklist on their trading journal.

You can get any Forex Trading service by contacting us.

  You have to register under a broker and then invest some dollars. After then you can buy and sell the currencies to get the profit out.  

You must pass these important steps. We will help you on How to find a good broker, How to open and deposit money using Skrill or Neteller online wallets And get a sniper entry.

Who Trade Forex? About Forex Traders Facts

who trade forex | Important Facts of Forex

Many persons do trade Forex. Importers, exporters, bankers, travelers, and even traders do trade forex.  Some peoples do trade forex for goods and services. Some peoples Do forex to earn money.

Most successful forex traders.

  • George Soros
  • Stanley Druckenmiller
  • Andy Krieger
  • Bill Lipschutz
  • Bruce Kovner

According to the data of Investopedia, these are the most successful Forex traders in the world.

Andrew J Krieger

Andy Krieger or Andrew J Kriger joined the trading when he starts his career with Solomon Brothers. Andy mainly focused on New Zealand Dollar currency with his 1:400 leverage account. is his Website. Now you can learn from their team by joining with website.

When did the Forex market start?

Many years ago, Which means, If I Right here in 1970 there is not had any currency exchange by countries. They used Gold as their transaction method. It is a Funny Story, isn’t it?

What is the Funniest Fact of Forex trading?

The Funniest forex fact is 95% of losing traders only do buy and sell in only on the Forex market.

Are Forex is Gambling?

No. Forex is not gambling. But some traders do trade forex as gamblers. To-Do forex on Right way you have to understand your character well.

Final Note about Facts of Forex

You learned step by step how you need to start trading on forex. So as the final result, you had to learn. We have complete important things to know about forex trading as small traders here.

  • Basic facts of Forex What, Who do this, How to earn?
  • Learn to Analysis and management
  • Demo Trading 
  • Live Trading.

I am ready to update this post with fresh pieces of information at any time. Stay tuned with powerful facts of forex. Share this post with your community.  

Comment here on What we should improve for you on this blog.

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After blowing at least one trading account, many fresh Forex traders do find in google, What are the General facts of Forex trading. They need to know What is Forex and how does it work. This is our V…

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